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Hatha Yoga in Auroville

While you can practice your asanas in the comfort of your home, going to a studio gives you the opportunity to be inspired by good teachers and the beautiful energy that other practitioners bring. Hatha yoga is a very popular practice in Auroville, and for many, an important part of their spiritual journey. Because there are so many places to go for hatha yoga in Auroville, we have made a small list of our favourite places to go to for a good Yoga session. Please be aware that in some places, guests can only participate if they have an Auroville Guest Card. The Guest Card is available to anyone who is staying in an Auroville Guest House


Pitanga Hall is one of our favourite places for an intense, well-taught Yoga class in a beautiful environment. Their space is absolutely gorgeous. Stepping into the building with the sound of the water fountain in the background, smelling the incense and experiencing the balanced atmosphere for Asanas and therapies, instantly helps you to be relaxed and grounded. While all teachers at Pitanga are highly professional, the Iyengar Yoga classes with Tatiana and Angela are famous. This place is only open to registered guests. Have a look at their monthly schedule here


This centrally located Guest House has a spacious Yoga Hall flooded with light. Their aim is to foster health, growth and progress, regardless of age or experience. Some of their classes are especially well-suited for an older crowd. They offer a very good Pilates class several times per week, and the Acro Yoga classes on Saturday mornings are a treat. Have a look at their monthly schedule here.


Connected to this lovely Guest House is a Yoga Hall that is used for classes and workshops. Several therapies like Thai Yoga or deep tissue massage are also available. The classes change with the teachers, but we highly recommend the classes of Andres, who offers dynamic Vinyasa flow and relaxing Yoga Nidra. We also like the early morning Iyengar classes; they are an amazing way to start your day. Have a look at their monthly schedule here.


In Auromode, there is a regular schedule for drop-in classes, which you can find here. Classes are taught by a variety of teachers in different styles. One of our recommendations are the classes of Bala, who is a strong and dynamic teacher. You can also book private session with each teacher at Auromode, meaning you can have a class in a language of your preference: English, Spanish, French, Polish, Dutch and Tamil.

Where do you go for your Yoga session? Have you attended a Yoga class in Auroville before? Let us know in the comments!

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