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Guest Houses Of Auroville

Choosing a guesthouse in Auroville can be a bit challenging, as there are many wonderful places to stay. We recommend that you make sure that you end up in an Aurovilian place, as this will give you access to guest services and make sure that you can get an Aurocard. With the Aurocard, you can be part of the Auroville cashless economy, giving you access to different places and classes that are closed for the general public, such as the communal dining hall, the Solar Kitchen. Auroville Guesthouses also contribute to Auroville by paying a guest contribution, so if you enjoy the many free facilities of the community, this can be a way of giving back.

While Auroville provides a special website that lists all the guesthouses and homestays, we wanted to help you through the maze by sharing with you the places where you can’t go wrong. Something for the luxurious holiday, as well as the more adventurous one!

Please note that prices can change! Get in touch with the guesthouse management to ask after the most recent fees. 

Quiet and Luxurious – Afsaneh GH

Afsaneh Guest House is a beautifully maintained property that will transport you into a quiet, professional and blissful atmosphere. The cottages are well kept; rooms have AC, hot water, and internet, and patrons have access to the luxurious swimming pool. Minimum stay is one night which includes breakfast, while dinner is served at additional cost.  A cottage for two people will run you 6,600 INR per night… pricey, but well worth the experience!

Friendly and Charming – Center GH

Center Guest House is the oldest guest house in Auroville. It is centrally located and its warm atmosphere provides a soothing place from which to explore. There are a variety of rooms available to choose from. Minimum stay is two nights but the room fee includes breakfast, dinner, laundry, use of a cycle and tea/coffee during the day. A double room without AC will run you 7,200 INR for two nights, but there are cheaper options. Especially if you feel like exploring Auroville on cycle or foot, Center Guest House is quite ideal.

The Original Auroville Experience – Rêve GH

On a smaller budget and wanting to experience life as everyone lived it here in the early days? Rêve Guesthouse is a dreamlike environment, with a beautiful garden and sweet community spaces. Staying here means bonding with other travellers, most of them backpackers. The roofs in Rêve are usually made of keet – woven palm leaf – and the simplest accommodation is a keet hut, at around 400 INR a night including guest contribution. Because community is important here, minimum stay is for 5 days. 

In the Comfort of Your Own Home – Auromode Apartments

Auromode Apartments are fully furnished so that you may feel at home. The complex has a business centre, a yoga hall, a multimedia room and a common Reception area with internet. It has a lovely contained children’s playground which makes ideal for travelling families, especially since baby-sitting and nanny services can  be booked in advance. Cycles, mopeds or even cars are available for daily, weekly or monthly rent. A studio apartment with a double bed and AC will run you around 2,500 INR per night. If you are looking for an independent setting with all its amenities, Auromode Apartments Auroville is for you.

Beach Retreat – Tanto Far Beach GH

Is it less important for you to be in the centre of Auroville, and more interesting to be close to the sea, relax at the pool, and find a great environment for your kids to play in? Really more a retreat than just a guesthouse, Tanto Far Beach GH is a lovely complex of rooms, cottages and villas at your service. The eight acre property has direct access to 350 meters of beach facing the Bay of Bengal. There is a refreshing chlorine-free swimming pool, a multimedia hall, yoga classes, spa services, an authentic Italian restaurant and a spacious and fun playground for the kids! Minimum stay is one night. The price of a Superior Sea view AC double room with kitchenette will run you about 3500 INR, while a single can be found for 1200 INR. Coming with a big group? One of the small villas – with private pool – can host up to ten people!

Tanto Far Beach GH is run by Sheril and Daniel, two long-term Aurovilians who have worked hard to create successful Italian restaurants in and around Auroville, and they have loads of stories to tell. As they are usually too busy to sit down and have a chat, we went and did it for you – read our interview with them here. 

Easy Going and Multicultural – Youth Camp GH

The Youth Camp GH offers simple accommodation, ideal for low budget and backpacker travellers – no room service, no fancy staff, just a friendly atmosphere and a great place to meet people. It’s located in a residential community of Auroville called Fraternity – one of the older Auroville communities – which is right next to the village of Kuilapalayam. Here, you can eat great Indian food and do some shopping in one of the many bazaars. 

Did this help you make a decision? One final, pro tip: Make sure that for the months December-March, you book at least 2 months in advance. During these busy times, it can be hard to find a spot!

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