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Opening Back Bends

We are big fans of hatha yoga, so we wanted to share with you these two asanas that help you to open your chest and allow you to breathe deeply.

Upward facing dog to downward facing dog

Start in a downward facing dog position with knees slightly bent. On an inhale, bring your chest forward while your arms stay straight. Come into an upward facing dog asana with your toes flat on the floor. Start moving forward and backward between the two shapes. Go at your own speed but make sure to concentrate on your breathing.

 Camel pose

Stand on your knees and shins, set apart at hip distance. Take your hands to your lower back and start to lift your chest up to the ceiling. If you can, take your hands to your heels while maintaining your hips over your knees. Lift up your chest. Stay like this for five to ten breaths. 

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