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Volunteering in Auroville

We always recommend taking the time to come and volunteer in Auroville, as it is hard to get to know our community without being part of its daily life. Are you interested in Volunteering in Auroville? We collected some helpful tips.

Shorter Stay? Go to Guest Service

If you are coming for less than two months, you will be guided to the Auroville Guest Service, as they help guests towards short-term opportunities. The Auroville Guest Service main office is located next to La Terrace, on top of the Solar Kitchen. They are open Monday to Saturday from 9:30-12:30 and weekday afternoons from 1-4 pm. Services offered include giving advice, referrals and feedback on various aspects of staying in Auroville, a notice board of events, classes, workshops and cultural activities open to guests, as well a range of information about Auroville. A prior e-mail to is highly recommended to make the most of your stay.

More time? Get in touch with Savi

Located on the second floor of the Town Hall complex, Savi are your gateway to volunteering in Auroville. Please check out their website first, as they have a great overview of all the opportunities that are there in Auroville. Scrolling through, you can really get a sense of all the different activities going on in Auroville, and the kind of work that calls to you.

Savi provides information and answers your questions through emails or at the reception desk. For new volunteers, they also provide orientation programs. They will assist you in the administrative, financial, housing and logistics aspects of your volunteering time and provide ongoing support through personal follow-up, interviews and events until you depart. If you are looking at spending time in Auroville and want to get involved, this is where you need to start!

Planning to come for longer than 2 months? Make sure to already send an email to Savi at, so that your stay will be well-prepared and successful. For foreign nationals, there are visa formalities to take care of, and for everyone else, it is advisable to plan ahead, as Auroville is often short of accommodation. 

If you are planning to visit with a (student) group, make sure to get in touch with the dedicated team at Sangili. If you are a researcher wanting to do research in Auroville, get in touch with the Auroville Research Platform at

Types of Volunteering Opportunities

There is a very wide range of activities to choose from in Savi’s database. We put together a few ideas which you may find inspiring. 

Farm work

Auroville has many organic farms that welcome a helping hand. Terrasoul is looking for permaculture enthusiasts, while Solitude and Discipline Farm need your energy not only in the fields but also in food processing. AuroAnnam, Baraka and Aurogreen Farm could really benefit from some dedicated (wo)manpower. Openings in dairy-animal husbandry to social media support are needed at Annapurna Farm. Also consider AuroOrchard, our oldest farm, as it has a nice community of volunteers. Finally, Buddha Garden is a small-scale farming activity that also offers cheaper accommodation for a few hours of work each morning. 

Community and Social Change

Auroville is deeply involved with the surrounding villages and has many initiatives for rural and sustainable development. Auroville Village Action Group is one of the main units that support micro financing and other empowerment programmes in the bioregion. Several schools, such as Oli and Udavi school, specifically cater to village children. Want something more technical? Auroville Consulting is doing big projects to create more sustainable energy practices, and Minvayu is looking for someone to help develop a wind turbines project. 

Culture and Arts

Many people who come to Auroville are of an artistic bent. If you are an instrument-crafter or interested in sound healing, Svaram is the place for you to go. If you are a native French speaker, Le Pavillon de France is in need of assistance for translation and running events – they cater to ±500 French Aurovilians. The Auroville Art Service, the platform for the different artists of Auroville, is always looking for people to do research and promote Auroville art. More into the physical arts? Eluciole Circus is looking for a Circus teacher, while Pitanga is looking for someone to facilitate Body Works classes – be it yoga, martial arts, or anything else that fits with Pitanga’s vision and needs. 

As you can see, Auroville has a lot of different things to offer! Take your time to browse the catalogue of opportunities on the Savi website, and get in touch with them as soon as you feel inspired to contribute. See you in Auroville!

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