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Making Space and Time for Calmness

Most of us have more time than ever as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on. This can be a time to breathe and reflect on how we usually handle time, making space for ourselves instead of running on autopilot. 

These tips can slowly become part of your daily routine. We recommend that you start practicing right now, as there might be less time pressure on you during lockdown. 

Stay safe. Be well. Flood your Being with Light and Truth.

Handling Time – 5 Tips

Allow yourself good moments
Are you facing a stressful time? Make sure you continue doing things that give you energy and inspiration. When we feel short on time, we tend to give up first on the activities that are good for us. Playing an instrument, drawing, meeting friends or taking hatha yoga classes, all of this might seem like it can easily be pushed to the side. Yet, when we are not taking care of ourselves, we run the risk of entering a negative spiral and losing our energy. Remember that the future, that magical paradise in which we will play and run and spend time with our loved ones, only exists in our minds; in reality, the only moment you have is the Now. So allow yourself to enjoy the Now by giving yourself some good moments today.

Go one week without
Chronic lack of time? Wouldn’t it be interesting to try to go for one week without TV and social media? And yes, that includes Netflix, video games, and everything else that presents you with technological distractions. This way, you might discover that you have much more time than you think. It is worth a try for sure.

Enjoy the wait
The train is late again? Sometimes it is hard not to get annoyed when we must wait somewhere. You can also look at these things differently: these small moments are perfect for bringing some awareness into your day. Walk a few steps without a concrete destination up and down on the train platform and focus all your attention on your feet. This is a good way to use your ‘useless’ time and enjoy the simple pleasure of being.

Take a break
You are deeply into your work, but you feel like you need a break? At this moment, we often prioritize finishing a task instead of taking care of ourselves. Ask yourself whether it is worth it to push the break further. Wouldn’t it be better to take a break right now? 

If the thought of taking a break makes you feel guilty or unproductive, remember that these moments help you bring awareness into your time and ultimately, connect you back more deeply to whatever it is that you want to accomplish. Taking enough breaks is an integral part of a productive day. 

Make time to focus
On a similar note, it is important that you reserve less time for work, so that the time you do spend will be more focused. As many people are now working from home, this is the perfect time to experiment. If you decide to shorten your 8-hour workday to 4 hours, for example, you will probably manage to do the same amount of work as you normally would. This is because you can take the time for a break, to run for some groceries, and find other ways to take your mind off the task in front of you. In the end, this increases productivity. 

If you work for eight hours in a row, you will end up often staring at your screen, checking social media, or answering unimportant mails. Try how you feel with a time limit, and track how much work you get done in a day.

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